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Sound Treatments

Sound Baths

A cleansing and relaxing treatment using the vibrations of singing bowls, gongs, chimes, bells, rattles, and drums. 

Sound baths reduce stress levels and restore physical and emotional wellbeing.

Group Sound Baths

Sound baths can be performed for groups of two to 200 people.  I can visit private homes, institutions, and they are also a great way to start or end a workshop or seminar.

Chakra Tuning

A chakra tuning session is a deeply relaxing treatment that releases stress and restores physical and emotional well being.

Sonic Massage

A deeply relaxing treatment using Otto (weighted) tuning forks on the body. Great for treating back problems, joint problems and for general wellbeing.

Simple Neck & Shoulder Massage

A short simple treatment using Otto (weighted) tuning forks on accupressure points – great for releasing tension and stress.

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a traditional shamanic practice designed to return lost or disengaged aspects of our being and thereby restore our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Soul loss can result from emotional and physical trauma such as broken relationships, grief, abuse, accidents, surgery, miscarriage, addiction and stress.  

Symptoms of soul loss include depression, addictions, feeling like an observer of your life, feeling numb and apathetic, and being susceptible to illness.

Entity and intrusion removal is also available.

Assemblage Point Realignment

The Assemblage Point is the centre of the energy field around our body and is located in the centre of the chest.  When the assemblage point is in its correct position we feel healthy and happy.  

Emotional, mental and physical traumas such as stress, accidents, substance abuse or operations can cause the assemblage point to move out of alignment, leaving us feeling unhappy and unwell.

Realigning the assemblage point can improve physical and mental health and will improve the effectiveness of other treatments. 

I am based in Rosebush, Wales and work in Pembrokeshire and surrounding areas. 

For further information or to arrange a treatment:

phone or text me on 0750 355 1141

OR Email: fionacreates@gmail.com

About Me

Fiona Pedlar is a qualified Sound Therapy Practitioner, graduating from the Celtic Crossroads Institute of Sound Therapy in Wales.

She has trained in Soul Retrieval and Assemblage Point Realignment with Simon Heather.

Fiona has also studied other healing modalities including Reiki, Herbalism, and Swedish Massage.

Having spent most of her life in Australia, she now lives in rural West Wales.

Soul Retrieval
(1 hour session)


Sound Bath / Tuning Fork Treatments
(1 hour session)


Assemblage Point Realignmet
(included in all treatments)
On its own: £15